Finger Licking Good

Another blog on food! Yup. But I am not going to say the cliched ‘its going to be different’ – all I promise is that it will be ”finger licking” good. gray_Page_header

I live in Dubai (United Arab Emirates) or for those who don’t know where it is – its somewhere in the Middle East and has a lot of “ests” to its credit – tallest building in the world (Burj Khalifa), tallest hotel in the world (JW Marquis), largest fire works display (New Year 2014), grandesthotel in the world (Burj Al Arab), largest man-made island (The Palm) and the list goes on. So naturally my choices of eateries will mainly be within the city.

I will not be limiting myself only to writing and reviewing restaurants… I will write about everything that tickles my taste-buds.

So for those residing in Dubai, I hope you enjoy the blog and get a chance to try out new places – there are way too many to keep going back to the same old, same old. For those who might be visiting, I hope this blog gives you variations to try the varied culinary options which are off the beaten track – eating hotel food does not constitute ‘local flavour’ (although some of the hotels here do serve some ”decent” fare).

Lets tickle our taste buds!!!!