Easter Give-aways

Well Easter is upon us, and as much as I would like to do things the easy way, I prefer when there is a personal touch – simple, easy with a bit of ‘you’ thrown in.

Even though this is more of a DIY kind of post, it has something to do with food – well chocolate to be precise!

What you will need:


Shredded Paper – any colour (I got these at Daiso)


Milk and Dark shaped chocolates (I bought these at Carrefour)


Cupcake paper cups (can be bought at any supermarket). These are from Spinneys










Put the shredded paper in the paper cups and then mix up the different chocolates (milk and dark in my case). You can mix in jellybeans if you want some more colour.


I put 12 – 6 milk and 6 dark and then threw in a couple more for good luck.

I then used tissue paper to wrap them in. And voila you are ready an  Easter surprise.



Happy Easter!