Ramadan: Where to eat during fasting hours (Dubai)

Ramadan is a time of fasting, but not all can or do observe this. So I thought it might make sense for a Food Blog to include ramadan_kareem_by_ahmadturk-d6doyipsome dos and don’ts during the Holy Month for visitors or residents for whom this will be their first Ramadan experience.

For the uninitiated, Ramadan can seem a daunting month, more so because you don’t know what to expect. But rest assured, with very minor adjustments to your regular lifestyle, Dubai allows you to get through the month, in fact I look forward to it thanks to all the Iftars and Suhoors that you can partake in.

Food and drink outlets open during the day during Ramadan will not always be obvious, to be discreet, not because it’s illegal – a special licence is needed from the Dubai Municipality to operate for dine-in during daylight hours in Ramadan and no alcoholic drinks served anywhere in Dubai before 8pm during Ramadan (except after customs and immigration at Dubai Airport).

•  NOTE: If you have young children (up to about 11 or 12 years old), they can eat and drink in public during the day since Muslim children are not required to fast before puberty, although some do, or fast for part of the day. But try and be discreet about it – find a quiet corner in a food court rather than walk through the middle of a shopping mall with your kids slurping on an ice cream.

I personally find ordering take away or eating out at lunch every day for 30 days can add a few kilos. Add to this the iftars and suhoors you attend, the month of Ramadan is definitely not gentle on your waist (or anywhere else your body tends to put on the kilos). So this Ramadan I have signed up with U’ve Got Meal (http://www.uvegotmeal.com/ Tel: 600544402) for their healthy 4-meal plan (Breakfast and Lunch and 2 snacks) which gets delivered to me at home leaving me open to enjoy my Iftar/Suhoor invitations guilt-free.

But in case you are still adventurous with your dining options, this year, there are more restaurants catering to us who eat during the day, from chains and fast-food outlets to hotels. As a rule of thumb, most hotels only have one restaurant that is open all day during Ramadan, so be sure to call ahead and check.

I have divided the restaurants as per the cuisine they broadly serve:


  • Just Salad at JLT, Indigo Tower. (Tel: +971 4 3652222)
  • U’ve Got Meal – home delivery service (http://www.uvegotmeal.com/ Tel: 600544402)


  • Jazz@PizzaExpress at JLT, Cluster A (Tel: +971 4 4416342.)
  • Oregano at Limitless, Downtown Jebel Ali (Tel: +971 4 8848885), Dubai Internet City, Office Park (Tel: +971 4 4343010)
  • Medzo at Wafi Pyramids (Tel: +971 4 3244100)
  • Nais Italian Kitchen at JLT, Cluster F, HDS Tower (Tel: +971 4 4529991).
  • Vapiano at Dubai Media City, Thuraya Tower, ground level (Tel: +971 4 4370786)


  • Mint Leaf of London at Emirates Financial Towers (Tel: + 971 4 7060900)
  • Asha’s at Wafi Pyramids (Tel: +971 4 3244100)
  • Flames Grills & Curries at JLT, Cluster D, Lake Terrace Tower (Tel: +971 4 452664)


  • MORE at Gold & Diamond Park (Tel: +971 4 3234350), DIFC (Tel: +971 4 3700469)
  • The Pavilion on Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Boulevard (Tel: +971 4 4477025)
  • Carter’s at Wafi Pyramids .(Tel: +971 4 3244100)
  • Hard Rock Cafe at Festival Centre (Tel: +971 4 2328900)
  • Circle Cafe at Dubai Media City, CNN Building (Tel: +971 4 3915170)
  • French Bakery at Dubai Internet City, Office Park (Tel: +971 4 3307367)
  • Urban Bistro at Dubai Media City, CNN Building (Tel: +971 4 362 4330)
  • St Tropez at Mall of the Emirates Tel: +971 4 3413415)
  • Wheeler’s of St. James’s (Tel: +971 4 3860899)
  • La Petite Maison  (Tel: +971 4 4390505)

Middle Eastern:

  • Q’bara at Wafi Fort (Tel: +971 4 7092500)
  • Al Mandaloun (Tel: +971 4 3637474
  • Bateel  at DIFC (Tel: + 971 4 3700404), Dubai Media City (Tel: +971 4 4494010)
  • Doner Kebab at JLT, Cluster W (Tel: +971 4 4549522)
  • Nofara Cafe at JLT, Cluster Y, Swiss Tower. (Tel: +971 4 4322023)


  • Wagamama at Al Fattan Towers. (Tel: +971 4 3995900)
  • Sumo Sushi Bento at Dubai Media City, Building 10 (BBC World). (Tel: + 971 4 3914141)
  • Sushi Counter at Dubai Media City, CNBC Building. (Tel: +971 4 3751096) .
  • Zuma at DIFC (Tel: +971 4 4255660)
  • The Noodle House at DIFC (Tel: +971 4 3637093)
  • ET Sushi at Jumeirah Emirates Towers Boulevard, Office Tower (Tel: +971 4 3198088).
  • The Noodle House at Dubai Media City, Gloria Hotel (Tel: +971  4 3818065)
  • Thai Chi at Wafi Pyramids (Tel: +971 4 3244100)
  • Royal China (Tel: +971 4 3545543)
  • Sushi Art (Tel: 800220)
  • TOKYO@THETOWERS at Emirates Towers (Tel:  04 3198088)

South/ Central American

  • Taqado Mexican Kitchen at DIFC (Tel: +971 4 3515210)
  • Gaucho at DIFC (Tel: +971 4 4227898)


  • Pizza Hut: Delivery (Tel: 600569999)
  • Burger King (Tel: 600522224)
  • Hardees (Tel: 600569000)

Wishing you all a blessed Ramadan. Ramadan Kareem.

(Note: I would like to acknowledge that a lot of the information I got above are from the following blogs: http://www.foodiva.net/ and http://www.therealgeordiearmani.com/)