Café Funkie Town: Please won’t you take me to.. to Funkie Town

In order to understand this review, you need to know something about me. I am half Parsi (and a very proud one at that). Those from India will know what I am talking about. For the rest of you, here’s a quick history lesson about my ancestry.

The Parsis came to India from Persia around the 8th Century ( Most settled on the west coast of India and adopted Indian food habits and culture. Over the past 1300 years thanks to their love for food, Parsi cuisine has grown into a unique west coast Indian cuisine which still retains some food flavours and techniques from ancient Persia.130519594818923892

Now that the history part is over with let’s talk about the cuisine. I believe that Parsi cooking is one of the least known cuisines in the
world and the reason for this is simple – Parsi food is family-based. Almost the only place to eat it is at home. It is not easily available in restaurants. So you can imagine my absolute jumping-with-joy-mouth-watering cheer at learning that a restaurant called Café Funkie Town, owned by a Parsi father-daughter duo had opened in Dubai. How, just how could I not try it out?!?

130519591057098889Café Funkie Town tries to replicate the old Irani cafes which are usually associated with wooden furniture, quirky collectables, marble top tables exuding an old-world charm that is inviting and familiar. Here’s where Funkie Town scores.

But what’s a food review without talking about the food. Well if you are tired from the tried & tested English or American breakfast, you need to try is a Parsi breakfast.

A very important point to note about Parsi cuisine (which will hold you in good stead should you consider lunching or dining):  Parsi cuisine is not a cuisine that caters well to vegetarians. The Parsi community is known for their love of meat. In fact, most Parsis probably only eat 2-3 vegetables which are onions, potatoes, tomatoes. What they do cater for are eggetarians. You have been warned:)


So what did we eat – well we both ordered Akuri Pav (AED 24) – I ordered the regular, and my companion went a step further and ordered the Akuri Fully Loaded (AED 30). Akuri is the all-time classic bhurji (although the difference between the regular egg bhurji and akuri is the condiments and spices) or spicy scrambled eggs with onion, tomatoes, chillies (you can choose the spice level while ordering) garnished with coriander. Pav is a bread bun and it has to come lathered in butter (every Parsi will swear that there is no other way to eat it). The difference between our orders was that in the Fully Loaded option you got to choose a side of bacon or sausages. The Akuri was spot on – tasty, spicy and filling… it was perfect. But this is a heavy meal and the portions at Funkie Town are generous so be prepared to skip lunch.


For our drinks my companion ordered the popular masala chai (ginger tea) (AED 6) and I ordered the popular Bombay summer thirst quencher nimbu pani (Indian-ized lemonade) (AED 10).


Would I recommend this Café .. well you won’t be able to keep me away. I have to now try heavenly every popular Parsi dishes for lunch. So, head down to this hidden gem with family and friends for a memorable Parsi gastronomic adventure that will either introduce you to a new cuisine or help you reminisce and bring back fond memories of a cuisine that you can’t get enough of.

Please note: Cafe Funkie Town does have the regular run of the mill North Indian cuisine where Vegetarians could find something, but the uniqueness of this restaurant lies in the unique Parsi cuisine it  offers.

Location: Saba -3 (Shop No.12 & 13), Cluster Q, Jumeirah Lake Towers (JLT), Dubai. Parking is free for 3 hours. Open from 10am – 11pm (Mon-Sat), Sunday Closed. Tel: +971 4 368 9697, +971 4 3689627

NOTE: I ate at Cafe Funkie Town on my OWN time and money! The views and opinions expressed on this blog are truly my OWN.

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