OK! OK! Raise your hand if you have not yet had at least one conversation – whether face to face, on FB on Whatsapp, on 1866080483the phone – about the temperatures that the UAE experienced yesterday – we hit a record 50.5°C (in Sweihan, near Al Ain).

In short, summer is well and truly upon us and as we always say to anyone who is willing to hear, how much hotter this summer is than last year.

So let’s see what we can do to beat the heat, or atleast keep our cool in this blistering heat. Since I am a food blog, I will keep this related to food (of course the usual tips of sunscreen, don’t go out during mid-day – if you can avoid it, wear loose fitting cotton clothes are very much still valid).

But let’s come back to intake.. what should we indulge in this summer:



  • Water: THE MOST IMPORTANT TIP (and I can’t emphasise this enough): Drink plenty of water, even if you don’t feel thirsty.
  • Green Tea: This summer, ditch the caffeine, and go for green tea to experience a great change in terms of body weight and health. Green tea is extremely beneficial for weight loss, diabetes and blood pressure.
  • Coconut Water: The more you consume fresh coconut water , the less you will have summer problems.



  • Watermelon: The juicy watermelon is a rich source of Vitamin A and C. It does a great job of replenishing lost fluids for the body during summer. A glass of watermelon juice or 5-6 pieces of the fruit is recommended after lunch and dinner.
  • Oranges: The citrus fruits will always keep you hydrated during the hot weather. Juicy oranges are 87% water, plus they’re packed with Vitamin C.
  • Berries: Be it strawberries (92% water) or blueberries (85% water), you ought to have a handful of them with a bowl of yogurt during the summers.
  • Papaya: The high Vitamin E content in Papaya helps in delaying the ageing. It’s anti-ageing element makes it important to be included in this list.
  • Mango: One cup of mango slices will give you more than half a cup of water.



  • Cucumber: The phrase ‘cool as a cucumber’ explains it all. Cucumber or kakdi (as it is locally known) is high on water content and is extremely helpful to beat the sizzling summer heat.
  • Brocolli: This vegetable appears dense, but it is actually 91% water.
  • Mint: The pudina leaves act as a great skin cleanser. It can also keep acidity at bay.
  • Corn: Pack boiled corn as snacks as it can provide Vitamin B to lower the summer stress.
  • Mushrooms: Mushrooms contain zero cholesterol and are low on carbs, thus keeping you weight in check during the summer.
  • Lemons: All you need is a glass of good old nimbu-paani or Indian lemonade to quench the summer thirst. (Try: Mix 750ml water and sugar together in a bowl until the sugar has dissolved. Add the lime juice and salt and stir  well.     Serve with ice, fresh mint leaves and lemon slices)
  • Yogurt: This probiotic not only keeps gastrointestinal problems at bay, but also keeps the digestive system in check during summer.

So this summer, keep cool, eat well and stay hydrated!