As part of my Chef Talk segment I went to meet Chef Tomas Reger (Executive Chef at Intersect By Lexus Dubai, DIFC) at Bloomie’s Kitchen which he hosts regularly along with an invited guest Chef. The week I went, Chef Marta Yanci was sharing the kitchen table. I got there late – just in time to watch them demonstrate a step by step recipe of these delicious soft cloud-like texture cookies. And I could only watch in awe as they made it all look so easy.

They were called Vanilla Crescents and they are a special Christmastime treat. When I goggled the origin – I came up confused. Germany, Austria, Czech Republic all had staked claim. But for me, it did not really matter which country introduced it first – I am just thankful that I got introduced to it.

As you know, I am no cook. Baking is not even part of my vocabulary. But seeing Marta and Tomas work their magic, inspired me to go home with at least the thought in my mind that – maybe I could bake.

I have to admit, I did a trial run before I decided to share the recipe and my photos of my step by step guide. The shapes of my cookies are not like what the experts made – I guess trial and error will get me there. But in terms of the taste and texture – they were spot on.


  • 200 grams unsalted butter – room temperature
  • 100 grams walnuts – blitzed (I bought the whole ones and ground them in a mixer)
  • 280 grams all-purpose flour
  • 80 grams icing sugar


Dusting Powder: Make a mix of icing sugar with vanilla powder for the final touch.


Step 1: All ingredients should be at room temperature.

Step 2: In a mixing bowl, combine all the ingredients together – use your hands to mix them together


Step 3: Once mixed, divide them into manageable balls and then shape them in a roll and wrap them in cling film and put them in the fridge for at least 1 hour


Step 4: Line the baking trays with baking paper and pre-heat the oven to 180⁰ C

Step 5: Remove the dough from the fridge (one at a time) and be ready to work fast as the dough will get soft easily due to the amount of butter

Step 6: Slice the roll into small pieces and roll these on a flour dusted surface to shape into crescents (don’t try and be too adventurous as the dough is quite soft)


Step 7: Fill the tray leaving space between each crescent and bake for 6-8 minutes at 180⁰ C (My suggestion is bake them for 6 minutes and then check on them and then decide if they need more baking time – but definitely not more than 8 minutes)

Step 8: Once removed from the oven, let the crescents rest for 2-3 minutes

Step 9: While still warm, coat them carefully in a mix of the dusting powder (I used a tea strainer to dust over)



Step 10: They are ready to serve