I had been told of a fish place that had recently opened in Jumeirah, and by all counts I assumed that they were talking about the very popular no-longer-a-hidden-gem Bu Qtair in its new avatar (more on that later). But then the name was whispered into my ear (as if wanting to keep this one hidden) and it was called Al Fannah Restaurant and that immediately got my attention and I knew it was a place I wanted to visit. Like a resounding reminder, two food bloggers Ishita (IshitaUnblogged) and Debbie (CoffeeCakesAndRunning) visited Al Fannah and said good things about it – so that cemented by visit date.


But before I review and share my experience with you of Al Fannah, let me take you to why I choose to try Al Fannah over its closest (both figuratively and literally) ‘rival’. Bu Qtair’s charm lay in its experience (read my earlier review of it here but now having moved across the road to a more brick and motar setting, what we are left with is the food, which I am sure still remains the same. That is why I chose Al Fannah to try out – its new (officially opened its doors on Christmas Day 2015), it is literally a stone’s throw away from its ‘rival’ (am I just creating a rivalry which does not necessarily exist – time will tell) and the menu is similar, if not the same.


You walk into Al Fannah and choose from the display of pre-marinated seafood. We chose 300gms of prawns, one king fish and one medium sized black pomfret. The total for the fish came to AED 100. Much cheaper than its ‘rival’ but the final verdict finally lay in how the food tasted.


Once we ordered the fish and paid up (at the fish counter itself), we went outdoors and were seated overlooking the fishing harbour (heard they had a terrace seating option too). We ordered four porothas in all and a large bottle of water and some tea which amounted to a whopping AED 7. Oh and did I tell you that we got a tomato-ey gravy complimentary (no we were not special, everyone gets it).


Now onto the food. The prawns were superb. They were quite large in size and were beautifully golden. The king fish was fresh and I loved it. The pomfret was devoured and cleaned to the bone – enough said 🙂



Overall I loved the experience of Al Fannah. The service is not fancy but efficient and effective. Price-wise much lighter on your pocket and oh so well worth it. The food is simply superb.

The challenge with Al Fannah will be to retain their prices and food quality once word gets out and they cease to exist in the shadows of any other seafood restaurant along that shore.


P.S. They will start serving breakfast in about a weeks’ time – to the tune of dosas from what I gathered (better call and check if they have started serving before venturing out for breakfast)

Location: Fishing Harbour, Umm Suqueim 2 (As you head towards the Burj Al Arab from Union House, take a right exit at Street 35a, off Beach Road. Look out for an Emarat Petrol Station before the Umm Sequim Park which houses a small McDonald’s. Once on Street 35a, make a left turn on Street 2b and you will see the entrance to the Fishing Harbour on your right). Open Sat-Thur from 9am – 1am and on Fridays 1pm – 1am. Tel: +971 4 341 0034