The Hide: Nice to Meat You

This is not a review, but more a pictorial journey of the food I got to sample at The Hide’s launch party. The food was presented in bite size finger food style whereas if you to dine there on a regular day, the food will look a lot different, although I am sure the taste would still be the same (putting this out there at the start, as the photos may not represent what ends up on your plate – trying to manage expectations here!).

The Hide is a meat lover’s haven. One look at their menu and you know you need to be a true blood carnivore to enjoy the food here and do justice to the fantastic choices of meats.

A lot of credit here goes to the team at The Hide – the Chefs at all the stations and in the kitchen and the servers – with the restaurant heaving (and I mean packed to the rafters), the Chefs would have had an arduous task of keeping the food coming out! In many instances, I am sure the relationship of the restaurant and kitchen was that was a swan – graceful in the restaurant area, but paddling like hell in the kitchen.

So here goes my pictorial journey of some of the food I got to try (many of the meats for the very first time) most of which was thanks to a lovely server who during the course of the night introduced me to the many wonderful nibbles that the kitchen kept sending out. Whenever she had a platter with bites that I had not tried she patiently came to me, let me take a photo, write down what it was that I was eating (I have the memory of a pea) and then take one off the tray to try. So if anyone gets credit for me trying even half of what I did – it was she (unfortunately I did not write her name down.. Oops)!

A decent selection of cheese


Cheese Platter – Stilton blue, Cheddar, Red Leicester and Montgomery

Once people got a taste of the bread, they kept coming back! The Chefs just could not keep up!


Fresh bread with herbs or multi-grain

The smoked beef went very well with the bread… or just on its own.


Iberico Smoked Beef

These vanished as soon as they hit the table


Salmon tartare with quail egg

The tartare station was by far the busiest. Chef Martin kept them coming. If you dine at the restaurant, this is presented very differently. In a bowl you will be given the veal with egg on it and on the side you get salt, parsley, shallots, chopped gerkins, capers and radish along with blood tonic (in lay words – spicy tomato sauce) – you mix it up the way you like it! The way Chef Martin made it – is exactly how I want mine done in future!!


Rose Veal tartare

I loved loved loved this!


Chicken on waffles in maple glaze

This platter taught me never to put a whole fritter in my mouth as soon as its brought out of the kitchen!!! HOT HOT HOT (Fire HOT that is!). So although I have ever eaten rabbit before, I am not sure what it tasted like – I was more focussed on getting the fire out of my mouth!!!!!


Rabbit & Parmesan Fritters with spiced harissa aioli

Loved the textures on this one


Cured Californian yellow tail sat on crispy octopus

I just know this is going to be a winner when it is dished out as it should (when you dine in)


Flank steak with thyme portebello mushrooms

Another first for me


Crispy Calf’s Tongue

I have now stopped being embarrassed to ask Chef’s how to eat something the right way (which I tweak along the way if I like it) – a dash of Tabasco, a little mignonette sauce and a twist of lemon and then straight into the mouth like a shot (but not before my customary mandatory photo). I found that I actually liked oysters.



They have some great wine pairings suggestions – I have been told they have the largest selection of wine by the glass in Dubai


I would have loved to have sampled their desserts, but with the crowd getting bigger, I really did not have the patience at the end to jostle for dessert!

DISCLOSURE: To be honest and fair I must inform you that I was invited to attend the official opening of The Hide in exchange for a complimentary bite sized nibblets. The views and opinions expressed on this blog are truly my own.

Location: The Hide, Jumeirah Al Qasr, Madinat Jumeirah, Dubai Open 12 – 3pm and 7pm – 12 midnight Tel: +971 04 432 3232