Come this weekend, Dubai is going to be in food heaven (although I think it already is!) – with a never-ending list of food events dotted around the city starting this week. We have (this is my abbreviated list – there are more, trust me)

  • Beach Canteen: 15 home grown concepts (Feb 25 – Mar 12 @ Kite Beach)
  • Dine with the Stars: Celebrity chefs cook up a meal. Pricey. (Feb 25/26 @ Armani Hotel)
  • Dubai Long Table: 1000 people seated for Brunch (3 course meal) from the Armani Hotel to Manzil Hotel (Feb 25 @ Downtown Dubai)
  • Fatafet Kitchen: 10 TV chefs will do live demos; great to get a better insight into Arabic cuisine (Feb 26/27@ Galeries Lafayette Le Gourmet)

And finally, to the one I am most excited about – Eat the World DXB.

One of my most favourite cities in the world is London and everything associated with it (call it a carry-on from my University days). So when I got to know 15 of London’s (well not quite accurate, as one is from Edinburgh) most popular food trucks were going to descend on Dubai’s hallowed ground (Burj Park, Dubai Downtown) – I was in. It was not just the London connection but also the fact that these food trucks specialised in a dish/cuisine which made it fascinating for me as a food blogger to experience.

I was invited to a preview tasting of 5 of the 15 food trucks (not quite sure how the 5 were chosen – but I’m not complaining – you can see the COMPLETE list of ALL the food trucks at the end of this blog). So I thought I would share with you what you can expect at the very least J and even that is enough to make your way to Burj Park this weekend.

BUT FIRST: Please remember that the photos you see are taken at the preview event held at Jones the Grocer – so the ambiance won’t be the same; only BETTER. AND SECOND: since this was a tasting preview, some of the portion sizes in the photos may be inaccurate (they are likely to be larger, DEFINITELY NOT smaller, if that helps).

So here goes!

Food Truck: What the Dickens (English food with a historical influence)

Say Hi to: Domnic and Michael

I ate: Kedgeree (their signature dish) – mild curried rice with smoked haddock with boiled egg, parsley and lemon

Price: AED 40 per serving (it can go up based on any add-ons you choose)

Also on Offer: some other food with historical influences

3 Word Review: Fresh, flavourful, hearty



Food Truck: The Cheese Truck (dedicated to oozing, cheese sandwiches)

Say Hi to: Mathew

I ate: British cheddar and French Raclette Grilled cheese sandwich

Price: AED 30 – 40

Also on Offer: Goat cheese and honey and walnut sandwich/ Shilton Blue Cheese with beef pastrami and date syrup sandwich

3 Word Review: Simple, cheesey, nostalgic



Food Truck: Crabbieshack (Winner of the ‘Best of London’ in the British Street Food awards)

Say Hi to: Douglas

I (didn’t) eat: Soft Shell Crab Burgers in a light batter, served in a brioche bun with a range of dressings. The main ingredient (the soft shell crab) was not delivered on time.

Price: AED 45

Also on Offer: NA

My hypothetical Review: I would be so bummed had I been in Douglas’s shoes! Imagine having to explain why you just had a harissa cooking in the pan! But I loved his attitude, and with the ‘Best of London’ title under Crabbieshack’s I think this truck will be worth a try.


Food Truck: The Crema Caravan (creamy homemade Crème Brûlée)

Say Hi to: Mel

I ate: Classic French Madagascar Vanilla Crème Brûlée

Price: AED 30/35

Also on Offer: Crème Brûlée with cardamom and rose / Crème Brûlée with honey and pistachio

3 Word Review: Light, textured (brittle caramelized topping and the smooth creamy custard), delicious



Food Truck: Milo & Hector’s (Ice cream sandwiches)

Say Hi to: Milo

I ate: Caramel ice cream sandwiched between two double chocolate cookies

Price: AED 30

Also on Offer: Pistachio icecream sandwiched between two white chocolate chip cookies/ strawberry sorbet sandwiched between two cinnamon oat cookies

3 Word Review: Awesome, nostalgic, fun



Consider the above as an appetizer for your eyes to feast on. If its got you salivating enough, here is the full line up of Food Trucks:

  1. The Roadery: British street food with the highlight being The Roadery’s ‘Braco’ (British Taco). Choose between the slow cooked beef cheek served with homemade blackberry hot sauce or the halloumi braco.
  2. The Crema Caravan: A truck specialising in creamy homemade Crème Brûlée and Crema Catalana.
  3. Bangwok: Fine Thai street food cooked to order and served fresh from a wok installed in the back of a genuine tuk tuk. Expect interesting takes on traditional favourites such as Thai green curry, Pad Thai and beef Massaman curry.
  4. Hix’s Fishdog: Renowned chef Mark Hix serves up the ‘Rolls Royce’ of fish finger sandwiches.
  5. The Cheese Truck: A food truck dedicated to oozing, cheese sandwiches.
  6. Happy Maki: Vegan sushi rolled to order including Thai sweet potato maki and avocado kiss maki served as big wraps like sushi burritos.
  7. The Other Side: Crispy, crunchy chicken marinated for four hours in smoked honey butter and served in a fluffy potato bread bun.
  8. Milo & Hector’s: Ice cream sandwiches made from creamy homemade ice cream, handmade chewy cookies, topped with soft salted butter caramel.
  9. Made of Dough: Classic, fresh stone baked pizza at its best. Made of Dough were named ‘Best in the UK’ at the 2015 London Pizza Festival.
  10. Churros Bros: Award winning traditional Spanish Churros served with Hot Chocolate from Villajoyosa, Fla (creme caramel) dip and Rose water syrup.
  11. What the Dickens: Serving an array of British classics with kedgeree being the speciality.
  12. Big Apple Hot Dogs: Classic New York-style Halal Hot Dogs, fully loaded will all the toppings.
  13. Dixie Union: Mouth-watering New Orleans style Cajun Po’boys shrimp and chicken sandwiches.
  14. Crabbie Shack: Winner of the ‘Best of London’ in the British Street Food awards, Crabbie Shack’s Soft Shells Burgers are deep fried fresh crab meat in a light batter, served in a brioche bun with a range of dressings.
  15. Oli Baba’s: Middle Eastern fusion cuisine including the signature dish of Halloumi fries. Taste deep-fried Halloumi served za’atar yogurt, pom molasses, sumac, mint and pom seeds.

Event Details:

Dates: February 25 – 27, 2016

Venue: Burj Park, Downtown

Timings and Enterance Prices:

Thursday 25 February: 5 – 11pm (AED 40)

Friday 26 February and Saturday 27 February:

12 noon – 5pm (morning session – AED 30)

5 – 6pm (event closes)

6 – 11pm (evening session – AED 40)

Children under 12 (have to be accompanied by an adult – or so says the website) can enter for FREE.

More details can be found at

DISCLOSURE: To be honest and fair I must inform you that I was invited to the sneak peak of the food trucks participating in Eat the World DXB in exchange for sampling the food. The views and opinions expressed on this blog are truly my own.