This city has a knack of making me continuously discover and fall in love with it all over again! Any guesses which city? BOMBAY!

By-lanes I visited as a kid are now strewn with shops, neighbourhoods I visited have now become foodie destinations. Kala Ghoda (in South Bombay), once renowned for being the art district of the city, today has some really interesting restaurants. Nestled in heritage buildings (I am hoping that  the restoration and maintenance of these buildings soon become mandatory), with not necessarily the best parking options and definitely not the cleanest streets you will walk down but the vibe surrounding these small by-lanes makes up for everything.


The Pantry Café has found its space at road level in one of the by-lanes of Kala Ghoda and this is the only dining place I visited 2 times in the week I was there. The first time was for dessert after a hearty dinner at a nearby restaurant and the second time was with my mother for chai and a bit of mother-daughter bonding time.

My review of The Pantry Café is of the night I went there for dessert (my time with my mom is sacrosanct – no distractions).

The Café stands out thanks to its modernistic white painted French windows in an otherwise gray building and the minute you walk through its doors it like you have entered a different world – very French vintage. I loved how bright the indoors were thanks to the use of pastel shades and light wood.


With many stories still to share (dinner time was not enough) we found the perfect un-hurried, relaxed ambiance at The Pantry Café for some more life stories to share. We ordered the Fresh Fruit Baked Yogurt (the fresh fruit being the king of fruits – mango) and the 70% flourless chocolate cake. The big disappointment for me (on both my visits) was they did not have the Bhut jolokia chocolate lava cake for me to try – just the thought of chocolate, chilli and the oozing hot chocolate was NOT enough!!!! Maybe there was a reason for its unavailability – I need to go back on my next visit!

But back to my desserts. The baked yogurt dessert was served in a cute earthen kulhad a top a pretty doily – desi-french touch – I likey! But I beleive the expectations of this dessert were not met, as my friends voted it an average dessert (although they did finish it). The fresh mango pieces were a welcome addition though.


But my chocolate dessert choice was superb. Loved how it melted away with the crusty top layer added a welcome texture.


3 spoons, a small piece of chocolate heaven left on the plate – I will leave it to you to decide who got to finish it 🙂


The Pantry Café has given me several reasons to return – their breakfast being one of them.


Location: The  Pantry Café, Yeshwant Chambers, Military Square Lane, Near Trishna, Kala Ghoda, Fort, Mumbai Open from Monday – Sunday 9 AM – 11.30 PM Tel: +91 22 22700082 +91 22 22678901