Scenario: Trying out shoes as one does in a shoe shop when on holiday, you look up to see someone do a double take when they see you – in a nice way – only for you to realise it was someone you knew in boarding school with whom you spent three of your formative year with. Turns out, coincidently, she was meeting two other classmates for a girlie dinner and asked if I would join them. Hadn’t met any of them face-to-face in approximately 15 years – which in my case is an eternity. The venue was Amadeus, at Nariman Point, Bombay.


My dilemma: I had already made a dinner date for 3 days later at the same restaurant with another school friend who I have known since I was four years old (we were classmates while I schooled in Bombay) – Preeti, so eating dinner at the same venue two times in one week would have been an overkill.

My solution: With my boarding school posse I decided I would have dinner at home with my family and then head out and meet them for dessert (My DESSERT date). With Preeti the decision of a full blown out dinner stood (My DINNER date).

NOTE: I am not sure what cuisine Amadeus serves – but it can get confusing as they promote themselves as serving Spanish and Mediterranean cuisine but then with prawn dim sums and Khow Suey on the menu, it throws it into the Asian territory of dishes. I do know that Amadeus has two seating areas – one outdoors and one indoors and each one serves a different cuisine (I am just not sure which is which). More importantly, if you need to know (so you can choose which seating option you would like to choose), is that both the spaces have different menus and they do not serve the outside menu indoors at dinner time.


Jack Daniel’s Chocolate Soufflé with an orange espresso pour via a test-tube was my sinful choice. And boy did it not disappoint!!! Although I felt it was more of a fondant than a soufflé, I really have no complaints. The four of us cleaned it up in a matter of minutes.




Back at Amadeus three days later with Preeti and her daughter – the meal conversation was both nostalgic and enlightening. And the food, well everything (maybe I should be honest and say ‘almost’ everything) I had that night stood out.

Since I was dining with vegetarians – we shared a pizza (as we know it) or what they call Cocas (a Spanish version of pizza) in their menu. The Magic Mushrooms and Brie with pine nuts was simply flavourful and light – you did not feel over fed by the pizza – which is a great feeling – less guilt I assume.


For my mains, I ordered the Miso and Sherry Crusted Chilean Sea Bass which was accompanied by my new favourite side – shitake mushrooms – and scallion rice. Since I have been back in Dubai, my memory of this dish still makes me want to go right back and try it all over again. It was absolutely superb (sorry, but the picture might not do it full justice). IMG_5057

For dessert this time round, it was Tiramisu au Kahlúa. It was good, there is no denying that fact. But if I did have to put my two bits in, thanks to personal preference, I might have changed my pick of dessert – I preferred the Jack Daniel’s chocolate soufflé of the previous visit.


Overall, service was exceptional – attentive staff but not intrusive and they were great at offering suggestions. This was true for both my visits.

Would I recommend dining at Amadeus – I would do that in a heartbeat. The food was fantastic, service was spot on although the prices are on the higher side.

Location:  Amadeus, Gate No.2 (next to the main entrance of NCPA), NCPA, NCPA Marg, Nariman Point, Bombay (Mumbai) Tel: +91 22 2282 1212 From 12:00 NOON – 3.30 PM, 7:30 PM to 1:30 AM