Everyone deserves friends with who you can just be you, say what you want, laugh aplenty and basically chalk out another fantastic memory for you to be nostalgic about.

I am very fortunate to have some absolutely crazy madhatters as friends and none more so than Sangu – my constant since I was eight years old, despite the many miles that I have managed to put between us (thanks to boarding school, university and marriage) and dramebaaz Priya, with who I have had some absolutely amazing adventures (some of which would get us into trouble if I divulge them). It was with these two beauties that I had one of my most memorable nights in Bombay on my recent trip.


With these two, I never make plans of where! We go where the road takes us (part of the girlie adventure I believe) – but in this case it was a very hungry Priya telling us to hurriedly decide when we would dine as she was ‘starving’ (and a hungry Priya is someone who needs to be fed – NOW). Google threw up a few names and we narrowed it down to Mamagota (Pan-Asian fusion) at Kala Ghoda. They did not accept reservations so we decided to take a chance and just turn up – risky – but that is how we roll.


Once there, we were offered a table for two, with a chair added to the table and with a promise that the first larger table that became available we would be moved to. So we ordered our drinks – I had the Passion Fruit and Orange Cooler. I am easily content with anything passion fruit and this drink was no different. (Mamagota does serve alcohol, but the night we visited, it was a dry day and so no alcohol could be served).


My initial thought as I entered the small restaurant was that the interiors lived up to its playful name. Mamagoto means ‘to play with food’ and if there was an interior design style called ‘oriental quirkiness’ this would be it – bold patterned flooring, walls lined with oriental inspired graphics covering nearly every inch of wall. IMG_4982

As we were ‘starving’ (always the worst state to place your food orders I have to admit) we ordered three starters.

Crispy Lotus Stem with burnt garlic and dried chilli – I honestly chose this because I had never before tried lotus stem and it was something I had not seen on a menu in Dubai.


Since Sangu who is a pure vegetarian, we ordered bite size Corn Fritter Balls which was served with oriental salsa sauce. IMG_4990

And finally, since Priya had never had calamari before we ordered the spicy fried calamari in ponzu pepper batter, finely cut green chilli.



Luckily we did not order mains!!!!! The portions of the starters are quite large and only once the starters arrived did we realize that everything we had ordered was fried! Big mistake!!!!!

The corn fritters were wiped clean – loved the flavours and cripy-ness. The calamari was also a bit of a disappointment – the batter was overpowering. The portion of the lotus stem was just way too big to finish – and after a few helpings it got a boring – I guess the flavours just did not keep my taste buds interested for long. I really must remember to let other people decide what I eat!!!!!

So am I going back? Most definitely – if only to try a couple of mains and a dessert! (I just might skip the starters the next time though).


Location: Mamgoto KalaGhoda 5, Surya Mahal, BurjarjiBharuchaMarg, Kalaghoda Fort, Mumbai Open from 12.00pm – 12.30am Tel: +91 22 67495660 Open from 12.00pm – 12.30am

Mamagoto Bandra Gazebo House, 133 Hill road, Bandra west, Mumbai  Open from 12.00pm – 12.30am Tel: +91 22 26552600

Mamagoto Andheri B 40, Unit 1 -5, Patel Commercial Premises Cooperative Society Ltd, Opposite City Mall, New Link Road, Andheri West, Mumbai. Open from 12.00pm – 12.30am Tel: +91 22 40059760, +91 8879685221