My foolhardy decision to agree to trek up to Namche Bazaar (Nepal) to get a glimpse of IMG_0347Mount Everest, was in hindsight the best decision I made. It wasn’t easy (especially for a couch potato like me), but the thrill of making it to the top trumps any feeling of achievement you could ever have. It was also on this trek that I tasted my first ever energy bar (chocolate flavored of course) – and we have become fast friends since.


From here on in my journey I learned what I could accomplish if I put my mind to it. I learned it’s all about putting one foot in front of the other and figuring out the next 10 steps… and that the journey is what life is all about… the destination just arrives!

Over 5 days (Lukla – Phakding – Namche Bazaar = 2 days, 1 day in Namche to acclimatize, Namche – Lukla = 1 day, Lukla overnight stay) of ups and downs (physically speaking), walking along the most beautiful river – Dodh Kosi, crossing the river via bridges, we had some memorable yet simple meals to keep us going.

And of course, water was our new best friend (helps with altitude sickness as well as hydration). While at a restaurant, when you ask for water, they offer you warm water – helps your hands thaw out a bit while you hold the glass and your insides are happy with the warm liquid going through. On the trek, you have what you have in your water bottle – temperature be damned!


Dal Bhat: This is one of the most popular dishes in Nepal, especially while on the trek. It has all the nutrients (carbs, protein, fluid, vitamins and minerals) you will need to keep you going. Of course it is accompanied by a vegetable and/or meat (chicken in my case).



Soup: I can’t remember what this soup was, but it was on our way to Phakding (Day 1) and I was still trying to remember to take photos of food before I inhaled it 😊


Yak steak: My husband tried it and quite enjoyed it. Unfortunately, this was in Phakding, which is where we realised how cold, cold can get (that was until we reached Namche the next day where it was even colder and it snowed). My frozen thawing-out legs would not have forgiven me if I had left the warmth of the fireplace in the dining area to go get my camera.


Garlic Soup: Delicious and very highly recommended for trekkers  as a natural means of avoiding altitude sickness.


Swiss Rosti: it’s a traditional Swiss dish (although I think at Namche they have adopted it as their own) where parboiled potatoes are grated and then fried with onion added. I chose not to have the option of the egg on top, although I did have mine with ketchup.


Hot Coffee: I love my coffee cold. But when the weather outside (and indoors as there are no heaters) is cold (freezing as per my personal temperature gauge), a nice hot drink is what the weather forced me to order!!!


And this is us.. happy smiling faces just as we started our trek on Day 1 (before we knew what ‘trekking’ actually entailed) striking a pose in front of Kusum Kanguru. WE CAME to challenge ourselves, WE SAW what we were made of (and of course caught a glimpse Mount Everest), WE CONQUERED our inner self-doubts! TRIUMPHANT.

IMG_0312 (2)