If I said the words ‘Mr. Miyagi’, I can bet 9 out of 10 of you will immediately go back to a time when Karate Kid was what everyone talked about, when Mr. Miyagi’s teachings were what we tried to inculcate and an honest confession from me – I had watched the movie so many times, I could recite the dialogues (if only my studies had got such undivided attention). And that is exactly why it intrigued me when I first heard of a restaurant that had opened in Dubai that bore the moniker of one of my most loved movie characters – it was nostalgic.

So, one fine Saturday afternoon I set up a lunch date with Mr. Miyagi’s along with one of 20170909_124313my most happy-to-try-something-new foodie friend. Located on the 9th floor of Media One Hotel in Media City, Mr. Miyagi is anything but zen. Colour is all round you, bookcases make up walls, umbrellas line the ceiling – any which way you look, the vide of the space will make you comfortable – no need for pretentiousness here.

We started off with Green Tea and I quickly moved onto a Passion Fruit Mojito – it was one that I absolutely enjoyed.


To start off with we had the Peking Duck and the Chicken Satay – both 100% perfect choices


For mains we had the Nasi Goering. It was good, but I think the next time I might try the Pho or the Szechuan Sea Bass. I really need stop ordering Nasi Goering every time I see it on a menu.


For Dessert (or as they call it on their menu ‘Happy Endings’) I had the Chilli Chocolate Fondant. It usually served with coconut ice cream, but yours truly being the fussy one, had it with a tropical fruits ice cream, which I was allowed to taste prior to saying yes.



This leads me perfectly into what I thought about the service – friendly, accommodating, quick and the servers knew they dishes.


As I wandered around, I walked into Cobra Kai – separate bar which is made up of both high tables and lounge seating, I also remember seeing pool tables (if I am not mistaken). I have heard that Cobra Kai offers drinks served up in soup tins, fresh coconuts and plastic bags – but that is for me to discover on another visit.



Location: Mr. Miyagi’s, Level 9, Media One, Dubai Media City. Tel: +971 4 4207489 Open from 12pm – 3am