It was time for another girlie catch up session, so of course the decision on where to eat was paramount. We don’t take these sessions lightly – there is quite a bit of planning that goes into it 😊 I had heard about The Meating Room from a colleague a few months ago – she recommended it to me, but that is where I let it lie for the longest time. Subsequently, the restaurant’s name kept cropping up during chats with other friends, on my social media pages and that was enough for my FOMO moment… so promptly, the suggestion was made that we visit this eatery in Karama.


The Meating Room is small – I think it seats about 30 people. Outdoors was out of the question with the Dubai heat and humidity. We got there and all tables, except one, were taken – did not think to book a table beforehand. The empty table was near the door, with no chairs – and the Manager did not make any attempt to ask us if we were ok to sit near the door. Outdoors they had a huge industrial cooling system – even that option was not given to us. So, we walked out, hungry as hell – but I was determined to eat there… so I went back in and asked the Manager if he was ok with us taking the table by the door, all he had to do was help us get a couple more chairs! And voila we were seated within minutes.

By now you would have realised, that service was lackadaisical.  I also believe they have gone to great lengths to get the wall art quirky but I wish they had planned their seating a bit more efficiently.

Let’s talk food…

For our drinks the kala khatta cooler had a fizz to it. I think I am a traditionalist when it comes to Kala Khatta – I like mine with water and ice… so it did not go down well with me. However, my fellow foodies, were more than happy to take it off my hands.


As part of a complimentary nibble, we got these crackers. If you have studied in Bombay (I can only talk from my experience) these crackers will take you right back to your school canteen and the times when you bought a packet of these, put them on each finger and then went on to bite them off… nostalgia like this gets brownie points.



Our starter choices were brilliant. The reason I said ‘our’ is because our server kept insisting on trying the chicken tikka – I think we were on a mission to visit an Indian food place and refrain from trying the run-of-the-mill stuff. So we ordered:

Atomic Prawns – spicy grilled prawns – deliciously, perfectly spiced and absolutely meaty.


So’fish’ticated Saheb – fish tikka in a coriander marinade served with chutney – this dish got me at ‘coriander’ and it did not disappoint – fresh, flavourful and supremely delicious.


For the mains, we shared a Baked Chicken Methi – cheese and pepper marinated chicken thigh grilled and baked in a cashew gravy with our respective breads – cheese naan for my friend who loves her sleep, tandoori roti for my friend who indulges, yet knows where to draw the line and me with my roomali roti (thought I was choosing a healthy option to balance the cheese, cashew etc in the gravy – total miscalculation on my part). This dish had a lovely after taste and had a well balanced spice level. We loved it.


For dessert, we shared (grudgingly on my part) a chocolate chilli dessert – interesting, but nothing to write home about.


For all three of us to give a double thumbs up at the same dishes is quite unusual and the fact that the starters and mains got our unanimous cheer simply shows that the food was superb. The service however, could do with some work – a bit more of listening by the servers to what the customer actually wants and knows when to back down from forcing their suggestions.

Would I go back? – for the food most definitely!

Location: The Meating Room, Building 3, Street 41, Al Wasl Hub, Karama. Open from 12.30pm-11pm (Sunday – Thursday); from 12.30 pm – 12.00 midnight (Thursday), from 1.30pm -12.00 midnight (Friday). Tel: +971 4 453 5200.