Being away from home (Bombay) has made me crave Indian news even more. I need to know what’s going on, especially in Bombay and that is when I came across an article in Mid-Day talking about a restaurant in Vashi (Navi Mumbai) called the Third Eye Café. I believe every human has a right to choose who they want to be, and it is equally important to be respectful to people who are different from you, even if you don’t understand them very well.  The Third Eye Café is a first of its kind (at least that is what I believe) eatery in Bombay who have given the transgenders a place they can work, feel accepted, earn a living by being themselves – respectfully.

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Vashi was on my agenda on my recent trip to Bombay (my in-laws live there) and it was pre-decided by my best friend and husband that the Third Eye Café was going to be our lunching ground. I wanted to in my own humble way support, what I believe is a truly revolutionary concept, and a much needed one in our society today – it’s all about inclusion and empowerment. Here you believe – everyone is welcome.

Splashed across one wall is the saying – Be the change you wish to see in the world – with the ambiance subtly giving out a modern industrial vibe. Alcohol is not yet served, but I was told that this might change sometime in April.


But as this is a food blog, I do need to write about the food. The menu is exhaustive – it feels like they are trying to cater to everyone’s fancy – Italian, Sizzlers, Burgers, Pizzas, Hotdogs, Chinese, Fondue, Indian. And this is where I believe they make their mistake. I would recommend tightening up the menu – limiting the options and cuisines and focusing on the flavours of each dish.


Tempura Fried Prawns Koliwada – the prawns on their own had no flavour. What helped was the garlic wasabi mayo


Mac n Cheese Lollipop – these were brilliant and the tomato sauce that came with it complimented it well.



Koliwada Style Fried Fish Burger – this was different – but a good kind of different.


Vegetable Shashlik – there were no kebabs on skewers as I would have expected a shashlik to be.


Tandoori Prawns Fajita – the menu said – onion pilaf, tortilla bread & Mexican condiments. What I got was what looked like a naan, with the tandoori prawns in a slight gravy accompanied by rice. Not sure what the Mexican condiments were unless they consider the capsicum in the prawns ‘Mexican condiments’. Taste wise it was good, but not what I had envisioned a Fajita to be.



Dutch Chocolate Cake – it does not come with ice cream, so we ordered 2 scoops (chocolate and vanilla) to accompany the cake. The ice cream I think was a great add on.


You might wonder why I would still promote this eatery despite the food being average – and the reason is simple. I believe that the restaurant’s heart is in the right place, and with a little support from us, I believe that this restaurant can be the first step towards a more accepting and tolerant society – but for that to happen – we first need to take the first step. #wethechange


Mahi and I… #wethechange

Location: Third Eye Café, Palm Beach Galleria Mall, Sector 19D, Palm Beach Road, Vashi, Navi Mumbai. Open from 11 AM to 11:45 PM Telephone: +91 9619204894 / +9