When you think of Rajasthan, besides the palaces and desert – the one thing that has always come to mind is the food. I have written about the food I had in Jodhpur and Jaipur but what I purposefully kept out was a walking/rickshaw food tour I did in Jaipur. It needed its own space…

My friend in Jaipur is one of my blog’s most ardent supporters and as she runs a bespoke travel and experience company called Travel & Special Things she is constantly looking at adding and offering new experiences to her guest’s itineraries. She had come cross this Evening Culinary Heritage Rickshaw Tour that was conducted by Payal Biyani and asked if I would go with her – me for my blog and she for a recce – and both of us for the FOOD! With my prompt YES, we were booked in. My first ever walking food tour – and I got to do it with one of my closest friends.

Let me summarize (and offer some advice) the food tour for you – there is a lot of eating, and by that I mean a LOT of eating – as you would expect on a food tour! Most of it though is deep fried (for any healthy eating folks, I would recommend you give it a miss – but you will definitely be missing out on experiencing the pulse of the city and its delicious street food) I would totally recommend a very light lunch (or is it brunch) at about 11ish Wear comfortable walking shoes and wear elasticated waisted-trousers (you need to have the flexibility of the waist band expanding with all that food you are going to gorge on) Pace yourself – taste everything, but try not to stuff yourself from the first pit stop – try and share a plate if possible – so you don’t waste food and you still get to taste it This is not a 20 course dinner – its more snack as you go – so don’t expect to be eating in any particular order – you could have a dessert right bang in the middle – enjoy these unexpected food moments Ask questions – be inquisitive – it shows you are interested in both the food, the culture and the host Its ok to skip trying something – could be for various reasons – either you are too stuffed and need a few more moments to get your tummy to co-operate or it could be that it’s something you absolutely don’t like (for me it was the lassi) – but I would limit that to 1-2 pit stops. If you really liked something, you can always pay extra and get some to take back with you Always a good idea to carry some wet-wipes.

Some of the photos I took on my first food tour – and a snippet on what I tried..

Pakodas – We tried two versions – one was of course moong dal (served in sheet of note paper) and the other mirchi pakodas – both were simply brilliant. Both served straight out of the hot oil – so needed a bit of time to cool off..




Kulfi – I had the paan flavoured (green) and my friend had the malai one – you might need to ignore the shape of the kulfi 🙂



Tea-time: I had not had kadak chai is the longest time (and by long I mean – since I left boarding school and that sweet watered down liquid that they called tea)


Aloo Tikki Chaat – this one had everything I love – potatoes and chick peas and the crispness of the potato pattie was just perfect – I can feel my mind wander to its taste as I type this. We also had dahi vada – brilliant.


Paan (Betel Leaf) – generally eaten after a meal as a mouth freshener and digestive. Not a fan of it – never have been!


Lassi – skipped this – but the other tasters loved it – it was served in a traditional clay glass – and it is a big glass.


We also went into a shop and tried some traditional Indian sweets like Gajak, chikki with peanuts and sesame seeds and gud – and I tried them all despite the fact that I don’t like Indian sweets. But I did not take any photos (and I can’t  remember exactly why). We also had the dal kachori at the end of the tour – but apart from a bite, I could not have any more!

I think a walking food tour is a great way getting a sense of the city, its people and the vibe. I would so recommend going on one in every city your legs take you to and your heart begins to fall in love with.  #Jaipur you have my heart