LIMA Dubai: Where eating is a joy

For our annual office Christmas lunch, we had a choice of three very different cuisine restaurants to pick from, none of which got a majority. So, to be fair and impartial, we put it to ‘luck by chance’ and LIMA Dubai, the Peruvian restaurant at City Walk 2 quite literally got the short end of the stick.

Before I visited LIMA Dubai, I had of course heard about it. But I had not read up on the details (not that it would have changed my mind). But it was interesting to learn that LIMA Dubai is created by Peruvian chef Virgilio Martinez, whose first restaurant in London has been awarded a prestigious Michelin s star is also the chef and restaurateur responsible for Central Restaurante voted 2017’s best restaurant in South America.

Now credentials aside, its back to review time 😊

LIMA Dubai is centrally located in City Walk 2 and is one of the four two-storey restaurants which is linked by a bridge on the upper level. The lower level entry to LIMA Dubai is through a courtyard surrounded by trees, creating a relaxed outdoor setting. The restaurant is linked to the La Ville hotel which is why you can get served alcohol.

With December weather in Dubai begging for us to enjoy it as much as possible, we chose to sit outdoors. I did not go indoors and hence have no photos to share of what it looks like. At the time of me sitting down at table, I wasn’t thinking of doing a review. But things changed pretty soon after the first few dishes came – taste wise, presentation wise – the restaurant deserved to be lauded.

As we know Peruvian food is ideally shared. And there are quite a few ‘starters’ to choose from. The menu is divided into Bocados (small bites), Casus (its base is potato and topped with different ingredients), Anticuchos (grills marinated with the traditional Inka panca chilli sauce) and of course the Peruvian staple – Ceviche.

They offered us the most deliciously fresh bread – but it was the dips that we kept going back for (sorry no photo of the dips).


We had the King Crab under the Casus section. Casus is basically a unique Peruvian dish, made by flavouring mashed Andean potatoes, topped with a diversity of ingredients – in our case – crab. It also had avocado cream, paca chilli and lime mayo. Delicious


We tried the Black Cod under the Anticuchos section which basically are small bite size portions of cod from the grill, marinated with the traditional Inka panca chilli sauce. Delicious


The Panko Prawns came under the LIMA Signatures section and came with lucuma puree, chia seeds and teriyaki sauce. Nice


The Grilled Scallops came under the Ceviches (marinated cubed raw fish) section which is quite possibly the most iconic section on any Peruvian menu. However, the menu in Dubai states that the Ceviche served at the restaurant is “adapted especially for Dubai by adding some cooked elements”.  The scallops came with heirloom tomatoes, red onions and corn tiger’s milk (Yikes, was the first word that popped into my head when I read that). Had never heard of tiger’s milk – so had to google what we were getting into with this order. It is actually the milky liquid left over after marinating raw fish in a blend of ingredients such as citrus, chilli and onions (Phew, was the word that popped into my mind when I understood what it actually was). Delicious


We also got to try this complimentary sweet corn cake.


For the mains, we all ordered our own. I am a sucker for Black Cod – I will order it off nearly every menu I see it on.  But this one was different to the others I have tried. It came in a coconut lobster bisque teamed with leeks and beetroot with a green pea purée. Delicious


For dessert, we went back to the sharing format as we were quite full with what we had already eaten, but not quite ready to leave without trying one of the desserts. So as not to influence the selection I backed out of choosing (if it was left up to me it would have been the only chocolate dessert on the menu) – but destiny intervened. The choice was left of a fellow diner who has a sweet tooth – and she chose the San martin Chocolate dessert – one that came with 4 forms of chocolate and a hint of lemongrass. Who could resist 😊 Nice


Location: LIMA Dubai, City Walk 2, Dubai Telephone: +971 56 500 4571 Open from 12 noon – 1 AM.

NOTE: I ate at LIMA Dubai on my OWN (well in this case my office’s) time and money! The views and opinions expressed on this blog are truly my OWN.