I love Asian food! Somehow Asian5 slipped into my instafeed as fellow bloggers shared their amazing food photos and it was a restaurant that I knew I wanted to visit. Time and again, with different groups of friends I would suggest we go, but somehow it never made the shortlist. That was until this weekend!!! Situated in Downtown (near RODA Murooj) the location was perfect middle ground (distance-wise) for my friend and I who were catching up after a while.

I did not know how popular the restaurant was and since I wasn’t ready to take any chances with seating, I called up to ask if I needed to book at table for two. I was told it would not be necessary and so I arrived a bit early – it was easy to find and there was ample parking outside (paid of course).

The seating is limited, and they have one communal central table which is where I first sat. Personally, that was not the most convenient – the distance between me and my friend was quite wide (sitting across from each other) and sitting next to each other on the bench just seemed odd) There were two more conventional seating tables, but both had reserved signs on them – in my 4 hour meal time at the restaurant only one of them ever got occupied.  We were moved to another table where I could sit on a chair while my friend sat on the bench – much better for social conversation!


Very often with food photos – they look amazing (most of them I am sure are edited) and when you are sucked into visiting the restaurant you realize that it did not live up to your expectations. But with Asian5 it did not disappoint at all!!!

The menu is divided by the Asian countries whose street food is represented at Asian5 – Vietnam, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand and China… a pretty straight forward menu with limited choices under each country – thankfully!

To start with I ordered the Hibiscus Iced Team – subtle and not overtly sweet (although the server mentioned that it would have added sugar). My friend who did not want sugar in her drink ordered the only drink with no added sugar – fresh orange juice. But on tasting the Hibiscus Iced Tea, on her drink re-order, she ordered the Iced Tea 😊


For starters we ordered two dishes.

Every time I see Dynamite Prawns on the menu, I have to order it. So, we did!! Our server mentioned it may be spicy – but for my Indian palette it was mild but flavourful.


The second starter was based on a photo I had seen – everyone who visited seemed to have eaten the chicken Shumai steamed dim sums. But what made these steaming delights hit the right spot was the dipping sauce. I was a bit stingy when I first dipped as I wasn’t sure of the taste – but the second one was dunked and re-dunked a couple of times. Supremely good.


For our mains, we knew we had to order one dish and share even though our server suggested two. So with a toss-up was between the Nasi Goreng and Indonesian Bakmi. I asked them to show me a photo on their iPad menu so we could decide – which is what made me realise how important good food photos are! The Bakmi won! And I think it was the best choice we made at lunch that day! With our server realizing we enjoyed our spice – she brought a side sauce of chopped green and red chilli in (what I believe to be soya sauce) – and the combination of the flavours from the bakmi and the spicy soya sauce was just amazingly good.


I could have had a dessert, but they did not have anything chocolate on the menu so let that one slide.

NOTE: For all you vegans out there – rejoice! This is a totally vegan friendly place!

NOTE: This is a nice budget friendly place with some awesome food and I hope they manage to keep their prices down and their quality high. For 3 drinks, 3 bottles of water (local, small), 2 starters and 1 main we paid AED 134.

There are a few restaurants that I would want to go back to and Asian5 is one of them. Now when I think back on my meal I wonder if on my return (which I know I will) I will try new dishes and take a chance or relive the taste memories of what I am currently cherishing!! I guess time will tell.

Location: Asian5, Near Al Murooj Rotana Complex, Happiness Street, Downtown Dubai, Dubai Tel: +971 4 3259955 Open from 11:30 AM – 11:30 PM

Asian5, M10, Mezzanine Floor, DAFZA Square, Dubai International Airport Area, Dubai Tel: +971 4 2552576 Open from 11 AM – 9:30 PM (Closed on Friday and Saturday)

NOTE: I ate at Asian5 on my OWN time and money! The views and opinions expressed on this blog are truly my OWN.

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