There was a time when Dubai was all about those Friday brunches… I was never a fan – there was always too much food, too many choices, loud music and just way too much noise overall – conversations were hard to have and you found yourself having to shout to get your 3 word sentence heard.

Which is why I am so thankful for the Supper Club (SC) scene that has been gaining popularity in Dubai.

Most of the SCs have a clear concept of the food they want to serve and are usually held in the host’s home, serving a set menu where the focus is on good food and energetic conversation.

I have been following The Curry Bureau’s Supper Club (insta) for the longest time. But circumstances and distance from Dubai on the dates which were set out seemed elusive…that was until I zeroed in on a date and made sure I stayed put in Dubai.


I knew what the menu was going to be (that is fixed), I hoped the food would be good (that was assumed) but what you can never be sure is who your fellow diners will be (variable). If you are lucky you get to share a table with seven other intriguing, insightful and energetic people who you perhaps would not cross paths with in your regular life. But good food and conversation was the common denominator when we all sat done to feast.

I had conversed with the host (and chef) over the last six months and I felt I already knew him – we were what I would like to call ourselves – insta-friends. So when I walked into his home (I was the first one to arrive) conversation was breezy – like old friends catching up after a long time. Now I just had to hope that the rest who came in were as easy. My concern quickly turned to sheer happiness – I was privileged and lucky to have had the most eclectic group of people sharing The Curry Bureau’s Supper Club last week.

It was a 5-course set menu (NOTE: The menu is likely to change).


Starter One

Omani king prawns glazed in butter with mustard, curry leaves in a homemade Malvani spice mix

This one just had to be eaten with your hands and the juices left in the bowl just had to be soaked up in the bread – would have been sacrilege to have wasted a drop.


Starter Two

Pomfret fried in semolina with coriander chutney (we were given an option of  beef or fish for this starter – this choice had to be made a few days before the dinner).

The fish was superb – crispy on the outside and so fleshy fresh on the inside. But that chutney needs a special mention – it was so good, that one of the diners got two more pots filled with chutney.


Main Course One

Mango curry served with a side of baby prawns in onion and tomato masala served with basmati rice

This one was the surprise package for me. I am used to having a mango curry made with green (raw) mangoes.. but this one was made with alphonso mango – so it was sweet .. but when paired with the prawns which were spicy the balance in taste was just so spectacular.


Main Course Two

Chicken masala in roasted coconut and red paste curry with India pav (bread)

The chicken was so good that I had a full pav so I could scrape off the last remnants of the dish on my plate.




Coconut ladoo on a bed of pineapple puree

As you all know, I only eat chocolate dessert – but I did taste it and then quickly past it to my neighbour who had already placed dibs on my dessert when he knew I wasn’t going to have it. The review from everyone else at the table was so positive and the clean bowls were proof of how good it was.


If I had to sum my experience it would simply be this – I am so thankful and grateful that I got to eat at The Curry Bureau’s table with some of the most fun people – we came to the table as strangers, but left as friends. That is what food does – it makes the world a small delightful place, even if it’s just for just a few hours.

NOTE: I ate at They Curry Bureau’s Supper Club on my OWN time and money! The views and opinions expressed on this blog are truly my OWN.