My love affair with Moshe Shek’s culinary skills started with my frequent visits to Basilico and of course Moshe’s at Cuffe Parade but that affair ended abruptly in 2013 when he shut shop.  So, while creating my wish list of restaurants/cafes (thanks to my foodie friend’s recommendations) I wanted to visit after I arrived in Bombay, Knead was put on list. What made it get to the top of the list was when I learned that Moshe was back.

Knead Café & Bakery (as the sign board says) is an all vegetarian and cooking studio – but the cafe does make room for eggs on the menu. I was told that everything that you eat at Knead is homemade, by that they mean than they do not source any packaged products.

The double doors to the second-floor café leads into a sprawling space with natural light. There is a kitchen, a studio and a small roastery to brew fresh coffee. There are two dining sections, one is a more café style seating with table and chairs while the other is more lounge-like with sofas dotting some of the dark charcoal brick walls.

The menu is simple to navigate, but if like me, you might end up spotting a few things you would like to try but you know you just must settle for a couple this time round. You will see that there is a tilt towards baked items which are an ode to Moshe’s weakness for baking (hence the name of the café). The menu does not have fancy names with descriptions below to tell you what the dish is – it simply has the descriptions – once again to the point.

Jacques Torres said, “Life is short. Eat dessert first,” – an adage my lunching partner lives by. So, to kick start off our meal we got the Blueberry Streusel Lemon Cream. You know I loyal to only chocolate, but I did take a bite – it was tart and sweet (but not overtly) with a fabulous crunchy streusel topping.

I have a weakness for potatoes, so when I saw hot baby potatoes in jalapeño butter, lemony rocket and parsley dressing, parmesan and lime oil I knew it had to be tried. Oh man! These were absolutely delicious.

For my mains, I got the Pierogi (pan fried little stuffed dumplings) with yellow cheddar and potato, tomato chili and orange glaze, caramelized onion and chives with sour cream on the side. So-so-so good!

My lunching partner got the Japanese Katsu curry with fried skewers of aubergine, zucchini and tofu, steamed jasmine rice, stir fried green beans in sesame and spiced nuts. This dish had ingredients that I do not necessarily gravitate towards, but I did have a taste, and it was good. My lunching partner enjoyed it thoroughly.

Now for my dessert. With my sugar levels now under control, I was looking forward to indulging in a nice chocolate cake, and the Chocolate Blackout cake just had my name written all over it. I knew I was going to fall in love with it even before I took my first bite. Any it did not disappoint.

When we walked in at 12.30PM it was relatively empty and we were seated in the café style area but when we left at about 3ish, it was heaving and the lounge area as full up too. This café seems to be a space that people make the effort to come to, not one that is filled up with people who live/work around the area.  Yes, people may like the ambience, service, décor etc. but they will only come again, if the food brought them back.

I know there are still a few things on the menu that I want to try. My visit back will be soon, and this time it will be with my 87-year-old mother who I know will love the place and food.

Location: Knead Café & Bakery, 43, V. B. Gandhi Marg, 2nd floor, near Rhythm House, Kala Ghoda, Mumbai Telephone: +91 98202 83507 Open from 10 AM – 9.30 PM

NOTE: I ate at KNEAD CAFÉ & BAKERY on my OWN time and money. The views and opinions expressed on this blog are truly my OWN.