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If you have been following Pickle My Fancy’s blog you will have read my review of YO! Sushi (bit.ly/1Yhtpms). I had been invited to try their delicious, value for money sushi (as well… Continue reading

Easy Does It: Crack it Open

Eggs Kejriwal has been served at breakfast in my household for as long as I can remember. I never knew how it got introduced – but I remember hearing my Dad asking for… Continue reading


Over the years the concept of beauty has changed (don’t worry, you are reading a food blog.. stick with me to see where this goes..). From dark smokey make-up to subtle natural looks, each… Continue reading

EASY DOES IT: Musakhan Rolls

Yousef Tuqan said something at the Bloggers’ Masterclass hosted by BBC Good Food ME that has stayed with me. He said that we all have in-house cooks growing up who pander to our every… Continue reading

EASY DOES IT: Pancakes

Since today is Pancake Tuesday, I thought I would share a delicious and easy pancake recipe that is fast to get on the table and better tasting than any convenience pre- packaged mix.… Continue reading

EASY DOES IT: Potato (Batata) Poha

This is a great Indian snack at tea time or breakfast. This recipe was passed down to me by my mother and Millie (provider of  the best homemade food EVER!) I have and… Continue reading

EASY DOES IT: Deviled Eggs

Ingredients 4 large eggs 1 tbsp plain yogurt 1 tsp mustard garlic clove salt and pepper  Instructions Step 1: Place eggs in a saucepan large enough to hold them in single layer. Add cold… Continue reading