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On a Saturday morning, the friend’s WhatsApp group buzzed with a link on Zomato to Vasai Local, a small recently opened (April 2019) restaurant in Karama. A friend had seen photos of the… Continue reading

The Bhukkad Café : Left Me Wanting More!

There are some restaurants you see promoted on social media which immediately make you think of a friend you want to experience it with. I sure did as soon as I heard of… Continue reading


It was time for another girlie catch up session, so of course the decision on where to eat was paramount. We don’t take these sessions lightly – there is quite a bit of… Continue reading


I am a fussy carnivore. I love Indian food. I enjoy experimentation when it comes to food. My date with SpiceKlub has been postponed two time (jinxed I thought) but it finally happened… Continue reading


Most (if not every) Indians who have moved to Dubai will always seek out a restaurant they are familiar with from their home city. For a Bombayite like me, Govinda’s in Karama was… Continue reading

Yalla Momos: Yalla Yalla to Yalla Momos

One of the things this food blog allows me to do is share with you some eateries that do not have the advertising and social media muscle to promote themselves. They are small… Continue reading

Alwin’s Restaurant: A taste of home

India is a large country! And with it every region, state, community has its own cuisine/ food specialty. More of ten than not when people think of Indian food its always the North… Continue reading

Sugaholic: Takes the cake (oops I meant cupcake)

For those who have been following Pickle My Fancy will know what a chocoholic I am – and cupcakes is current in-thing with me as is the city in which I live – Dubai.… Continue reading