When the word ‘Little’ precedes anything, I realise that it has to work doubly hard to get noticed and find its voice – trust me – I was the ‘little’ one at home for the longest time (until my niece arrived to take the title away from me), so when I got an invite to a blogger brunch at Little mOre, I was in! I just had to go and show my support for the ‘little’ one who was taking its first tentative baby steps into the café culture in Dubai (and was already overshadowed by the original mOre Café).

IMG_48h26When I got there on a bright Friday morning, I realised in an instant that Little mOre could stand on its own, under the bright sun, with no shadow being overcast. It’s a bright airy café dressed out in warm colours and has a nice relaxed vibe to it.

What I liked about it was the menu was simpler and easier to handle (unlike the cumbersome nut and bolt version at its bigger version). But I think to be fair to Little mOre, I need to start talking about it independently – I owe it that much!


So what was brunch like? Well, let me take you on a pictorial journey of what was had at the table.

First up, the breakfast part of the Brunch menu was presented which offered us a selection of bread, eggs cooked to order, sausages, beef bacon, baked beans, hash browns, sautéed mushrooms. You also had dessert options here which included umm ali and poffertjes (traditional Dutch batter treat which resemble small (think mini), fluffy pancakes and are more light an spongy than their American counterparts) with chocolate dip.

ME: I settled for fried eggs (very very well done – yup those were my very words!), hash brown, sautéed mushrooms and baked beans and my favourite – fresh watermelon juice. How, how could I not try the poffertjesf? Well I did!


MY OTHER HALF (MOH): Fried eggs with a slight runny yolk, sausages and bacon with fresh orange juice.


BREAKFAST VERDICT: Eggs were done to order and the sides were also well done. But here I have to say, that it was a pleasant change to get my eggs exactly how I had ordered them! But the poffertjes – now those were in a league of their own. Dipping the spongy mini’s into a bowl full of chocolate and then gulping them down was pure delight – you could not stop at just one! Trust me.


Honestly my breakfast filled me up, and I did no justice to the lunch unfortunately which was served buffet style. Salads comprised of Greek Salad, Sweet & Chili Chicken Salad, Eggplant Quinoa salad and a Pasta Salad, while the mains were Saffron Rice, Beef curry, Asian Chicken Stir Fry, Potato Cakes, Pasta with olives, capers and eggplants and Roasted vegetables. There might have been a couple of other dishes on the menu which I may have missed out on (Ooops, sorry!)

In-between this, we were offered a selection of a tasting sized dishes which included Organic Quinoa Salad with salmon, Thai Mango Salad, Seafood Ravioli, Poffertjes and French Toast.IMG_g4836

TASTING MENU VERDICT: The Organic quinoa salad with salmon and the French toast totally get my vote.


For the dessert on the Brunch-Lunch menu we had carrot cake and a rich decadent chocolate cake – both were delish.

IMG_4831Priced at AED 95 per person (AED 55 per kid) this brunch is totally worth it! Great service, kid-friendly, good food, more than enough to choose from – all you need to take along is a healthy appetite and some good company!

DISCLOSURE: To be honest and fair I must inform you that I was invited to review Little More in exchange for a complimentary meal. The views and opinions expressed on this blog are truly my own.


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